Goan Walls, Colours and Life

Today, I decided to visit my last year’s catalogue and look through the pictures to see if I find something I might have missed. And I was not disappointed.

These two pictures (yes, it’s a diptych) were taken while walking around the Goan streets. Beautiful solid colours here, in stark contrast are balancing each other in the complete frame and individually too.

Very few Old Goan buildings are coloured exactly alike and solid colours are used for front facades; interiors are usually in paler colours/white with solid colour highlights.

This rendering or piping in white is the result of the unwritten rule during the Portuguese occupation of Goa that no private house or building could be painted in white. Only churches and chapels enjoyed this privilege, as white was associated with the Virgin Mary and therefore the virtues of purity and chastity (both desirable in Goa), but, surprisingly, Goan Hindus also respected this practice.

As a result of this code, an interesting and aesthetically pleasing trend developed, as competition among neighbours gave impetus to variety.

Goan Walls, Colours and Aunts
Goan Walls, Colours and Life

Seen here, the woman is in the everyday dress/gown and the man in a beautiful royal blue kurta.

General Merchant
General Merchant
House Number 140

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