RedBull F1 SHOWRUN : Hyderabad

The stage was set. The music was loud. The crowd was louder.

Jam -packed people, pushing each other, standing on their toes, watching out for a sound.


Oh nothing could have prepared me for the sudden rush of adrenaline and the fierce sound of that thunder.

I was out on the Tank Bund road, Hyderabad on a hot Sunday morning. And it was about to get HOTTER.


There were enormous amounts of people there; climbing on railings, trees and buildings, trying to get their own sweet spot to watch the action unfold. The excitement was immense.

Crowd was overwhelming
The crowd was overwhelming

After 2 hours of pushing people, finding a spot, fighting hunger and heat; I witnessed one of the most brilliant spectacles of this time.

Aras being a delight to the photographers
Aras being a delight to the photographers


The showrun opened with RedBull Champion Stunt Rider Aras Gibieza flaunting his jaw-dropping stunts, screeches and holds  which drew thunderous applause from the crowd. That man was a wonder! Now, a man riding a motor bike sitting in the opposite direction and pulling burn-outs is kind-of un-seen and TERRIFIC to watch!!! 😀

The revving of the engine as it was being prepared for the show was melting the knees and ears of the crowd as the famous actor Nagarjuna flagged off the F1 car.

The Formula 1 Car on the tracks
The Formula 1 Car on the tracks
Crowd getting crazy after the Formula 1 car.
Crowd getting crazy after the Formula 1 car.

And finally, when thirteen times Grand Prix winner David Coulthard stepped on the gas to enthral the big crowds, the heart beats went up as fast as the redrawn 282 km/hr limit on the roads of the City of Nizams, Hyderabad.


His laps were so fast, he was almost invisible. Our cameras could barely catch him! He graciously performed donuts for every section of the crowd and the crowd responded with thrilled cheers and roars which almost were competing with the roar of the mean machine. It was an experience to watch the ground shake and our bodies vibrate to the thunder inside that engine.

Donuts performed by David Coulthard at the showrun.
Donuts performed by David Coulthard at the showrun.

The event ended with David Coulthard waving the Indian Flag to the audience and soon we were on our way back. Hot, sweaty and thrilled. And a little bit still dazed by the rush. It was an truly an unforgettable experience.

P.S. 😀

I made a compilation of short clips shot by my friend Akshay at the showrun. Get ready to blow your mind and especially, your EARS! 😀

Click the link, or copy it in your browser to view the video on Youtube.

Hope you enjoy the video! 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed my post! 🙂 Fell free to comment 😀

Let me know of your thoughts and experiences at the RedBull Showrun if you were there too 😀


RISE UP Lantern Festival : Hyderabad

Life is about meeting new people, making new memories, cherishing good times and making it beautiful.

Hey Guys! 😀

So April’s here. An how do we kickstart the first weekend of the new month?

With two absolutely new and MIND-BLOWING experiences of all times.

Let me take you with me on my first magical evening in the city of Hyderabad this time. 🙂

We head out of Pune on the night of 3rd by bus and reach next day early morning to the beautiful and the crazzy city of Hyderabad. Our host for the trip Akshay, my good friend and classmate was explaining to me and Ashwin the amusing names of different parts of Hyderabad, for instance “Cyberabad” and “Hi-Tech City” and the miles and miles of offices and tech centres ; definitely putting across the story of growth and development of the IT sector in India.

Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival

We eat, sleep and sleep more through the day to escape the oven temperature heat outside; for our adventure of the day was to start under the night sky. We were attending the second day of an event called ‘RISE UP Lantern Festival‘ at Boulder Hills. We guys were pretty excited to see what it would be like.

Hmm, not exactly how we expected it to be :P
Hmm, not exactly how we expected it to be 😛

However, as we reached the venue, we weren’t sure what was going on! It was a lonely, desolate lane with buildings on both sides under construction and dust and smoke in the atmosphere. The yellow sodium vapour lamps weren’t cheering up the mood either. Apprehensive, we walked to the ground behind to a queue of people waiting to get their e-tickets checked in. Not much was happening. :/

But soon enough as people started flowing in and night started crawling in, the event picked up speed and what an amazing night it turned out to be! 😀

The flea market had pretty stuff :D
The flea market had pretty stuff 😀

The flea market had an interesting variety of clothes, jewellery and other decorative items on sale. The food there also had a huge variety from cupcakes to wraps and rolls and of course, the Hyderabadi Biryani 🙂 There was a lot of variety in the liquor section with hard-drinks, beers, cocktails, juices, etc.

We took part in the Drum Circle, hosted by Taal Inc, a group from Pune; along with my two beautiful new friends Apeksha and Arfaa and had a crazy time slamming our palm to the rhythm of the conductors (at least I tried to keep the rhythm XD) .

Taal Inc Drum Circles
Taal Inc Drum Circles
Taal Inc Drum Circles
Taal Inc Drum Circles
Yeah, I'm not really sure what the cow-man was doing there. Enjoying the beef ban I guess? XD
Yeah, I’m not really sure what the cow-man was doing there. Enjoying the beef ban I guess? XD

Bandish Fusion, a Kolkata based band was playing some excellent excellent tracks and special kudos to the guitarists! What a performance! The music was involving and soul stirring. I credit the energy of the event to the music of this band that night! I had an amazing experience listening to them.

Bandish Fusion
Bandish Fusion

Soon enough, we walked towards the fire-torches on the other end of the ground and started lighting up our lanterns. It was a beautiful sight. Hundreds of lanterns were released in the sky. I enjoyed a lot and so did everyone there as I could see the happiness and energy RISE UP in the atmosphere. It was absolute fun and a visual delight to take part and paint the vast canvas of the night sky with the glowing dots of the drifting lanterns.  I really can’t say more and can just hope that the pictures would tell you the needful.

Around the light by Ashwin Shukla
Around the light by Ashwin Shukla
RISE UP : Lantern Festival
RISE UP : Lantern Festival

We came home happy and tired, and enjoyed our pizza-dinner on the terrace, trying to spot one of the lanterns if it had come drifting by to this side 🙂

Keep looking out for my next post on the second event on my second day in Hyderabad, The RedBull F1 Showrun!!! 😀
Really excited to share that experience with you! 😀